Quiet morning

I'm sitting here working on cup number 3 of my coffee and enjoying the silence that is my home this time of day. T and the dog are still sleeping -- big surprise. The dog is getting to be as bad about staying in bed all day as T is! And me? Well, I do good to stay in bed past 6:30am. In fact that is sleeping in for me.

So over the past few days I managed to put some of my pent up boredom to good use and do a mini-makeover in the living room. With T's help I moved my antique piano and a few other of the larger pieces of furniture around. Then I painted one of the walls a deep Sage green (same paint that is in the built in niche area over the fireplace and two other decorative niche areas. It looks really good --- now. When I first did it I had this huge gray-green wall that was the same color as the couch and none of my art "popped" against it. BORING. So this meant that I had to strip the room of all paintings and mirrors and re-hang everything. Even then it was still blaghhhhhh. So off I went to Ross for that sumthin-sumthin that would bring the whole room together. Well, I found a few things and after some whole house switching around got the room looking pretty damn good. Years ago I loved to redecorate and rearrange furniture. But now it's like a chore. Overall I'm pretty pleased. My goal was to make the large open space (kitchen, dining, foyer, living room, halls) feel like a well-defined loft and I believe I've succeeded. Yeah for me!

So we are going back to church again to the local UCC this morning. We went last week and liked it enough to plan another visit. Perhaps this will be our new church home. Who knows. I do like the fact that the doctrine follows very closely my own beliefs and that the minister hits home with his message in under 20 minutes. No long winded sermons at this UCC.

I sign the paperwork for the new project in the morning and that really excites me. In my last post I made it pretty clear how bored and restless I'd become just sitting around doing nothing. For the first week it was awesome but then it started driving me crazy. By noon Monday I will be gainfully employed again and still receiving another 12 checks from the last project. Yippee for me that money isn't going to be too big of an issue while waiting on the new project to get rolling. I made some pretty good investments last year and we typically pay 3-6 months ahead on our major bills (mortgage, insurance, HOA fees, taxes, lawn service, housekeeping etc...) so at least I don't worry about any nasty large bills showing up. The older I get the more I realize that it's not about money -- it's about happiness and satisfaction in what you are doing with yourself. Of course money is necessary for shelter, food, etc... but I have no desire to be rich per se I just want to be happy. Hopefully the new job will fulfill that part of my life.

Also I am going to try and stop smoking in the morning so I have two exciting this happening tomorrow. Mentally I've been building myself up for this and I think I'm ready. We'll see if I can do it.

Following the premise of one of my fave bloggers, Fightin' Mad Mary, I'm going to do a product review (bashing). Today I am going to tell you what I really think about Miracle-Gro Moisture Control Potting Mix. It sucks. I'm one of these consumers willing to spend more for something that promises to deliver. Well this product does not. Not only does it not retain moisture it actually dries out faster than the potting mix from Target for $1.99 per 8lb bag. And my plants did not grow twice as large as promised by the company -- they all died from drying out so quickly. My advice is to save yourself about $6.00 per bag and buy the store brand instead.

That's all folks. Pookie has to get ready for church.


Fightin' Mad Mary said...

That sucks about the Miracle-Gro Moisture Control Potting Mix - I would have bought it just because it's the Miracle-Gro brand.
(thanks for the mention!)

Sangroncito said...

So then it is safe to assume that Miracle-Gro is not like Viagra for plants?

doris said...

Interesting about the Miracle-Gro Potting Mix - we have it advertised here and it did appeal to me. Not that I was rushing out to get some as we are mostly potted up at the mo and everything is growing a treat. We had monsoons (almost) last month and this month I'm watering well and the sun is shining. It's gorgeous :-)