And you may call me Little Miss Sunshine

If you haven't already done so go and see the movie Little Miss Sunshine. Believe the hype; listen to what everyone is saying' and go see it. You'll not regret it. I won't even give a hint of a spoiler but I will say that only 25% of the movie is about child beauty pageants and the rest is about a genuinely fucked up family. I loved every minute of the film but my favorite scenes were from the pageant itself. Olive, played by Abigail Breslin, in a matter of five minutes manages to steal the thunder from every other actor and becomes the ultimate heroine. I promise you'll love this movie.

The other Little Miss Sunshine I'll talk about today is Nancy Grace from CNN. Oh. My. God. I've always gotten some perverse pleasure watching her show (in very small doses) -- it's like watching a train wreck. But in recent weeks this Little Miss Sunshine has turned it up several hundred notches. Hell, she's ripped off the knob to boot. She is more animated and more bitchy than a human being has the right to be. And I can't go a single night without at least seeing her.

Once Nancy gets a hold of an idea or theory she takes it and she chews all of the flavor out of it but somehow keeps it interesting. Imagine if you will finding a piece of old, flavorless chewing gum on your nightstand. Then picture yourself putting it into your mouth and wondering why the Hell you ever took it out of your mouth. Well, that's Nancy. The thing is that she is very, very bright as well as one of the biggest bitches in the public eye and one of the best drama queens ever. I just adore her.

Nancy Grace, you are my Little Miss Sunshine. If I had a diamond(elle) tiara with the words Queen Bitch on it I'd personally crown you myself. You GO Girl.


Doris said...

ROFL at your description of Nancy Grace and I don't even know who she is but I gotta dig something out of her from youtube now!

I'll look out for the film :-)

Mr. Brian said...

Hmmmm....the movie sounds like a ramsey docudrama.


And here I thought I was "Little Miss Sunshine". (lol)