When I go two months without a post...

...I have a lot of explaining to do.

OK, so there really is no good explanation for my absence other than being really busy and suffering from a major writers block (you should see all the drafts that I started and never finished). Honestly, the latter prevails but saying that I'm really busy makes me feel better and it's my blog so there ya have it ;-)

Actually, there have been a lot of changes in my life as as late and I'll try to do a catch up for the readers that I have left. Not surprisingly I've lost a bunch since I stopped posting regurlarly on my blog and leaving replies on theirs. Mind you I've never stopped reading all of my favorite peoples blogs I just haven't felt that I've had anything of interest to offer so I didn't say anything. I've shared all the joy, pain, frustration, and ecstasy (you know who you are) but I've done so in silence. Weird? You bet ya.

I guess I'll start with the home front. Everything is status quo. I still have the world's most wonderful partner and I love him more than ever. No, seriously I do. My doggie is still as bizarre and lovable as ever. As a matter of fact he's going through a new "issue" where he doesn't want to go outside AT ALL. And when he does, he prefers to go on a leash -- even in the fenced rear yard. This is the same dog that hates being on a leash. Go figure.

OK , so here's the good part. I'm going to go down the list in no particular order about what's been happening. Even it makes little sense I promise to upload it and you try and decipher it on your own.

* I am still involved with the "new" project from months ago. It's finally making some progress and we hope to have an office open to the public some February. Thus far it's been a whole lot of discussions and meetings so I am more than ready to get this bitch rolling.

* I am officially back in college. I've been planning on this for a few years and it was during this lull between projects that prompted me to just do it. My co-workers, broker, developer all support me in this and are willing to work around my schedule. Support: Now ain't that a sweet change compared to working with the bitch from hell for so long? Anyway, after almost 20 years I am going for the degree I wanted (and was talked out of) way back when: Psychology. Time and transferring from out of state has cost me some credits that I have to make up but in about 3 years I should be working in my field. Keep those fingers crossed. I'm loving being back in school and this time around I'm a helluva lot wiser and a whole lot more mature.

* So we've covered the status of my new project and college but there is more. I find out this week if/when I start substitute teaching. Whoa...........big change, eh? By doing this I'll gain some field experience for my future career as a therapist and put a little bit of change in my pocket. Key note: Little change. Also, my good friend CJ who owns the spray tan place has asked me to help her out one afternoon a week. Free tans and more pocket change? Well, of course. Pookie needs Botox money and he ain't dipping into his investment; vacation; or emergency accounts for that. Besides I can study and use the computer while I'm not working.

* The oldest daughter of my brother who died is getting married today and obviously I am not in attendance. I'm not boycotting or anything as dramatic as all that but I really didn't care to spend $1,500(+) on hotel, travel, and pet boarding to attend a wedding where I won't be noticed. I sent her a lovely card with a nice, fat gift card in it and wish her the very best.

* A few weeks back I found someone new to cut my hair. The guy who was cutting it moved across town and quite frankly I wasn't keen on the drive and the horrendous traffic over there so we parted ways. Anyway, this new girl is funny as hell and did a great job. I got a really short cut this time and my highlights are damn good if I do say. I will be using her from now on.

* A month or so ago I got my bi-annual Botox and this time from a different doctor -- mine couldn't fit me in for 3 months. AS IF. So the new one was good but I felt like a freaking pin cushion she used so many damn shots. (Do I really look that old!?) The day I got it done I was starting a sinus infection which ALWAYS leaves me with a 2-3 day migraine. Well guess what? One of the uses for "medicinal" Botox is to assist with migraines. And it worked. On one side of my head anyway. Usually I can't keep my eyes open when this happens but this time I could peek out of my left eye and watch TV while my right eye was iced down. Coolness. So not only does Botox keep me pretty (ha!) it prevented 1/2 a migraine AND I don't have a single wrinkle. I am SO going back to this new doctor.

* At the request of some friends T and I started attending a weekly dinner with a group of older gay couples. So now every Tuesday we go out with what I call the "old gay men's dinner club" and we are loving it. It has been such a rewarding experience. No drama, no games, just good conversation. We've made some lovely new friends and for once we are always the youngest ones in the group ;-) The other night someone referred to me as "chicken." OMG I could have shed a tear right then and there. (But with the Botox....you know.....KIDDING) Anyway, when we meet them, this coming Tuesday T and I will be celebrating our 16th year as a couple. Damn the time sure flies. It seems like yesterday that I met him and fell head over heels in love. And here we are today. I am a very blessed and lucky guy.

* OK, here's a confession. Since I quit my job I've tried to be a lot more frugal with the money that I'm bringing in. I even let our housekeeper go and have been trying (note: trying) to keep up the house on my own. Oh. My. God. Do I hate cleaning house. I used to love it. But now I 1/2 do it and it shows. My confession is that my house may look and smell clean (I dust and vacuum occasionally) but it's not clean below the surface. And the only reason it smells clean is because I'll pour bleach or Mr. Clean into the sinks, showers, and toilets to make it "smell" like I've been cleaning. I guess that tactic sanitizes to some degree but it's a bonus effect of my deception. Oh, and I'll spray Pledge on the duster thingie and the whole house will smell like I've spent hours polishing. I should be ashamed but I am not. Actually, my little hoax works pretty good so long as I keep the blinds closed and low wattage bulbs in all the lamps.

* My yard looks like shit. All of the beautiful trees I had planted have been devastated by this terrible Florida heat and they look 1/2 dead. All of my flower beds and potted plants ARE dead. I just dumped everything I could pull up or dump out into the trash bin. I am SO over trying to fight this damn heat. Next years it's silk plants in the yard for me. I just won't let anyone get close enough to see the difference.

* Well, I could update you on my current world views and bitch for hours about what a poor state this country is in and how George Bush and ilk continue to fuck up everything they touch. But most everyone is aware of that so I can pass on it for today.

I guess you could say I've ran out of things to say so I'm going to close for now. I do want to thank those who've left comments and/or emailed me to see if I was OK. Know that I will try to do a better job of updating and leaving comments while lurking about your own blogs.

May everyone have a safe and happy Labor Day weekend.


Doris said...

Lovely to hear from you and to get an update.

Mega exciting about the degree - I hope you continue to enjoy it to bits. Depending on what sort of Psychology degree you are doing it can be quite scientific but that can still be fun/fascinating/infuriating and useful anyway. I know because I started a Pyschology degree as a "mature" student (anything over 20 in the UK is concerned mature for a student!) and I loved it to bits. Up to that point I hadn't any higher education qualifications and an older friend/mentor said to me in response one day "what was stopping me". So I just did what I had to do and got a place at uni. But you know how life goes.... I got pregnant and wasn't able to finish the degree. That's OK now for me, I know my life went in the right direction for me and I have no hankering to do it anymore (I was into the idea of Educational Psychology) but I am thrilled for you and will be sometimes by your shoulder grinning and cheering you on.

Don't worry about the blogging and us other bloggers. We are all in the same boat and up to our eyes in whatever. Just so glad you are OK and that you and your #1 man are more than happy :-)

(PS. Since converting to Beta Blogger am having the occasional trouble posting comments. So I haven't logged in to post this.)

Spider said...

WOW - lots going on! I am just glad you are back!

Micah said...

Good to hear from you!

cola boy said...

I'm so glad to see you back. I was almost about ready to remove you from my blog links.

Pookie65 said...

Awwww thanks, guys. I honestly don't know what's gotten in to me lately but ... it sure wasn't Keanu Reeves ;-) ... Seriously, it was like I would sit down to start a post and something would come up. I have like 10 draft posts that I started and never finished. Perhaps now my creative juices are running again.

Hugs to you all!



Ghone said...

Once more looking forward to enjoying your rants and raves!
Glad you are back with us.

Ghone. x.