I love today.

Dear Diary,

A few great things I want to share:

1) I got my hair trimmed and it looks amazing.

2) As of today I have two different opportunities to stick it to ex-friend, crazy bitch PP#1. Both issues are legal, ethical, and moral but will hit her where it hurts -- her purse. Getting involved with zoning issues and easements can be loads of fun!

3) I made a 100% on my first Psychology exam.

4) My new office may be opened as soon as January.

5) I'm going back to my old company for a meeting tomorrow and I am sitting on the other side of the table representing clients.

6) I may be substitute teaching as soon as next week.

7) The finale of Big Brother All Stars is tonight.

8) T and I are going to diner with the old gay men's dinner group.

9) Did I already say that my hair looks damn good?

10) I haven't heard W's loathsome voice on the radio or TV in over 12 hours.

Gotta love it.


cola boy said...

I want more details on #2!

Badaunt said...

I'm jealous of #1 (and #9). I need to do the same thing, but that means making an appointment and actually leaving the house. And right now I'm stuck in the post-fabulous-holiday/ pre-work-starts-again doldrums, and don't FEEL like going out...

Badaunt said...

Actually, I'm kind of jealous of #9, too. :-)