Black jersey out. Farm animals & household items in.

Just in time for the Holiday Season, or Christmas for our Religious Right friends, comes the perfect little cocktail dress.

Comfort replaces black as the "must have" in every woman's closet this 2006. You'll be the envy of every women in the room as your sport a pink-dyed, sheepskin A-line dress with a modest hem line. All you'll need is a few strategically placed baubles on this lovely gown by Sonia Rykieland you'll look just like a pink flocked Holiday Tree.

A little more dramatic but equally adaptable is the Dalmation-dander & magnetic feather-duster dress by Norwegian designer Peter Dundas. Hostesses from New York to Topeka will love being able to work the room beautifully and safely dust the furnishings at the same time.

If you've ever caught yourself staring at a lovely silk poinsettia wondering what it would feel like to wear it, then consider this your lucky day. Jean-Charles de Castelbajac unveils an instant holiday classic with his red silk/synthetic poinsettia frock that will take you from the PTA to the company dinner and everywhere in between. Pair with a stunning marshmallow hat (left) and you are guaranteed to be the talk of the town for years to come.

Each of these unique dresses come from the respective designer's ready-to-wear collection and should be arriving at a Sear's or Walmart near you just in time for the Holidays.


Celia said...

Great idea to let your guests dust your home! Never before have I understood the meaning of these strange fashion creations. Thank you for informing me.

Mr. Brian said...

marshmallow hat, indeed. Anyone got a bonfire going? Let's make S'mores!

Ghone said...

Who really comes up with these 'creations'? Someone attended college for years to study fashion. They must be so proud! Cause that's just what you expect to see your average mom wearing down the mall!