"Looks like a pump, feels like a sneaker"

The verdict is out and the new trend in women's footwear is apparently comfort and practicality.

Paris Fashion Week may have come and gone but it's clear what sensible grandmothers and busy soccer moms will be wearing come Spring.


ella m. said...

I actually like both of those pairs. I have issues.

Badaunt said...

If they would really make shoes that look good and feel comfortable to wear ALL DAY WHEN YOU'RE ON YOUR FEET CONSTANTLY - then I'll buy them. Whatever it costs.

As it is, I have one (ONE) pair of truly comfortable boots. They're as ugly as sin, but I am sick of buying supposedly comfortable shoes that do not stand the test of even one day at work. Our shoe cupboard is full of 'comfortable' good-looking shoes, but I never wear them after the first time. The Ugly Boots are the only ones I can wear all day without screaming.

Long live the Ugly Boots!