Airport observations Pookie style

Our flight out of JAX to Houston-Bush was delayed 4 1/2 hours on Wednesday. This left me with way too much time on my hands to people watch. Normally the most beautiful people can be seen in airports. Not the case at gate C-17 JAX on this past Wednesday. Out of the 400 or so folks around our gate there were maybe (and I am being very generous) 10 really, really attractive people. By no means am I saying that I am a card carrying member of the BPTWIAC (Beautiful People To Watch In Airports Club) because I'm not. I may be considered an honorary member of the IBHWCWHWYC (I Bet He Was Cute When He Was Younger Club) but never the BPTWIAC.

Anyway, so for 4 1/2 hours I had little to do but read, drink Coke, go back and forth through security and outside for a smoke, and bitch about the delay. Poor T was probably ready to strangle me. I tried really hard to be a loving and supportive boyfriend. I kept my sighs, eye rolling, cursing under the breath, and toe tapping to a minimum so as not to annoy T. As you can guess I do enough of that at home...in the car...so T deserves a break occasionally. I can be a really impatient, high maintenance bitch at times but I'm working on that. A Xanax, a glass of good wine, and a ciggie usually brings me down a notch or two. However, when faced with a major flight delays, cheap wine (at $8 a glass), limited smoking, and very few BPTWIA the line between being my normal bitchy self and and all out fucking nightmare bitch is a fine one.

I am proud of the way I behaved. T didn't sneak off to change flights (or destinations) on my ass and I don't think I offended anyone, security didn't haul my ass out o the street, and I managed to entertain myself by creating a brand new club: WTFWTTC (What The Fuck Were They Thinking Club). This opened up a whole new world of people watching and I will report later on my top ten WTFWTT members spotted at gate C-17 JAX.

Chaste hugs and air kisses from San Fran,


Honrary Member IBHECWHWYC
(Hey, it's better than Rotary)


Hikaru said...

Glad you made it to SF safely.

The Dangerous Man said...

Oh god! Forget IBHECWHWYC, I'm in the ITHFAFNAIWTSHWCAOMFC (I Think He's Fit As Fuck Now, And I Want To See His Willie Cum All Over My Face, Club)

You cannot beat the feeling of lust for someone absolutely gorgeous, especially if they wink back at you. How flattering!!!