Wrong. Just wrong.

Gem Sweater A video about those ugly sequin sweaters.


doris said...

LOL That was soo funny! Thank you for sharing it. I think it would make a worthy #1 hit in the charts.

I wonder if they also have a similar song about gold lame jumpsuits?

Now, don't think that I would put down anyone wearing a gem sweater, I think people can wear what they like - and with pride - but they are so gaudy!

Reminds me of the delightful items you can buy on the shopping channel - QVC in particular - they are sooo funny. The jewellery too with 10 different glistening coloured jewels with the obligatory Tanzanite. I can recommend QVC for entertainment, along with a good friend and a nice bottle or two of wine and nibbles. And watch them describe for ten minutes in luscious terms the latest trash!

hbjock said...

Hey buddy!! Nice to see you have a blog now! Thanks for your support and encouragement with my workout program... heheh you wanted to know how big I want to get?? Hmmm.. well if you want specifics.. I want 7% bodyfat (hehhe), a 46" chest, 32-33" waist... and maybe 16-17" arms hehehe... tahts' the goal anyway!