Monday, Monday Pookie Rambles

The Career:

What a whirlwind weekend. I wish I could say I spent my time dancing the nights away and my days lounging in the sun with some exotic frozen drink but I'd be lying. Saturday was by far the busiest day in the office that I have seen since we opened in January 2004. It was non-stop people from 10am-5pm. The part-timer, a friend of mine, was on the schedule and while she was there in body she was of very little use. Three weeks ago she gave birth to her second child and (are you ready for this) she brought the baby to work. Did I mention she's breast feeding and that she'd had cesarean birth? Needless to say she couldn't spend a lot of time on her feet and every 30 minutes she was in the restroom nursing.

Sunday was a tad bit better as the traffic wasn't near as busy but "Dr. B" dropped in (without an appointment) and expected a full pledged design appointment for her new home. Well guess what? She didn't get it. I turned into "Mr. B" and put her ass in her place. I believe she now has a new found respect for the term "appointment" and "courtesy call". Oh, she'll have a beautiful new home but basically she has lost out on the right to make 75% of the decisions as legally (according to the contract) yours truly has full right to make all of the design choice seeing as she's missed her deadline. Out of the kindness of my heart I allowed her to pick an exterior color and a tile for the master bathroom.

Two Morals to the tale of the weekend: If you have a new baby KEEP IT AT HOME. No one wants to hear/see/smell your screaming baby in a business environment no matter how adorable it is. Secondly, never, ever try to out-bitch Pookie when there is a legal, binding contract on his side. He will always win and you will look like a damn fool in front of all your like minded, self-absorbed, God complex inhibited Doctor friends. Amen.

The upside to the weekend is that in the evenings I managed to get my sexy hubby T out for dinner both nights and I finished reading Magical Thinking by Augusten Burroughs. What an amazing book. What an amazing guy he is. I highly recommend all of his books.

So I work again today. There is a mountain of paperwork and files to process but I'll muddle through. I also have to have the completed plans for the 2006 Spring Parade home turned in by Wednesday. This little design project is more like play than work for me as I have carte blanche with the budget and creative expression. This is why I love my job so much - I have the best developer/builder in the world to work with.


I am having exceptionally good results with the Xenical. A little over a week into this cycle and I can tell that I've lost at least 2" in my waist and I can see the beginnings of cheek bones again. I've been trying to get as much use as possible out of my white linen draw-string slacks and some killer white jeans before Labor Day. (one just doesn't wear white after Labor Day) When I bought them in spring I could easily wear the jeans w/o a belt and the tie on slacks didn't leve me a lot of excess for tying. Yesterday I hurried out of the house wearing the jeans and forgot the belt. All day long I felt like a rapper-wanna-be with my pants hanging around my ass.

Speaking of my ass it's the first thing to go when I lose weight. Right now I still have a nice little round ass but it's shrinking. So I lose some ass but I possibly gain a few years to my life by reducing cholesterol. The trade off is pretty good. Oh.......If this keeps up I will be able to wear the Versace jeans I bought off the clearance rack at Macy's last year for $59.00. Yes, you read it right, $59.00 down from $239.00 and I bought them knowing it may be while before I could wear them. Shit, they still have the price on them. I'm feeling pretty good about this whole Xenical thing. I've taken it before but not with this good of results. (Maybe because I'm sticking to it???) I'm guessing my bad cholesterol is down another 15 points or so and I hope I can get off the Lipitor and control it by diet and weight. If you haven't tried this drug then look into it. But be aware that there are some very....how do I say this....fast acting side effects. It's not a speed it breaks down fat and turns it into oil. Enough said.

Guess I've rambled on enough about my life. Now I'm off to read about yours. Great day to everyone who stops by this wonderful Monday.

Side note to T: 198. Remember those numbers ya cheeky monkey you.


The Great Cranky One said...

Ok sister I have to know what kind of work it is you do. I enjoy the hell out of your blog by the way.

Keep it comin sister!

Hikaru said...

Hoorah! Good for you, for showing her.

By the way: I was shocked at what I had missed on B & B.

The Dangerous Man said...

Im curious as to what you exactly do now!

198? is that how many blow jobs he'll get this week
-sorry, was that too much?.

Petunia McGillicuddy said...

Gosh, I'm sure you know what you are doing, but all those drugs worry me! What's wrong with just eating healthy and exercising, Mr Handsome 40 year old?

Pookie65 said...

I'm in real estate development and interior/exterior design within the project.

As for my pill popping. Heredity dealt me some pretty crappy genes so for the interim I have to do something quick. Actually, I rather like the rattling sound I make when I walk. :-P

Pookie65 said...

Jay: "T" should be so lucky. He does have a birthday coming up this Friday.....

Scotty said...

I LOVE all of Augusten Burroughs books. I emailed him with all my praise of his stuff and he responded. HOW cool is that??? I think he is awesome!

DLAK said...

Hi Pook, good post. I have nothing to ad...

Dionysus said...

Hey Pookie I had to throw you a wave and say thanks for the wonderful read and the great laughs!
My monitor/screen was a misty blur on several of your post, I’ll know the next time I stop in to have the tissue handy (for my tears) And I have to ask did you come up with all those titles (Children books you’ll never see) ? Way 2 funny and I was almost dehydrated “from my laughter” trying 2 get through each title.Thanks =D

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