Oh, Mother. Really.

A big step for the rights of gay parents. I'd love to be a fly on the wall in the offices of AFA this morning. I'd hover right over Donald Wildmon's coffee and drop a big fly-turd.

I am actually signed up for the AFA "Action Alerts" emails. Every so often, when they are trying to divert the attention off of their own faults, the AFA will send out a petition to sign and a mass email form to send to whatever CEO or Politician it is they're on a bend about. Well, being Pookie as I am, I will always change the heading and content of the letter to suit my own needs before pressing the little "send" button. I always cc: AFA with my version of the letter in hopes that someone will read it and see that I am single-handedly undermining their entire operation. OK, that's a stretch but I feel so good doing it. To date I've yet to receive a thing from AFA chastising me for this but I did a couple of years back get a reply from NBC regarding Will & Grace and how they appreciate MY support. LOL! MY AFA support for showing positive gay men on mainstream television.

How's that Donald not-so-Wild Mon? Let me bend over so you can kiss this perfectly tanned ass.

If you'd like to join me in my one man crusade against the terrorists at AFA you can register for their nonsense here. A little copy/paste can be fun when done at the expense of the Religious Mafia.

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