A mite-y war

Spider mites are waging a war on my front porch and the little bastards are winning. Two weeks ago my braided trunk Hibiscus would capture the attention and praise of neighbors walking by. It truly was a magnificent specimen. Then came the spider mites. Over night (literally) the trunk, leaves, and buds were covered with the tiny white demons. We've had a few smaller battles but with determination and regular treatment an environmentally-safe pesticide we sent the evil creatures retreating (hopefully onto the front porch of an obnoxious Republican down the street). I've resorted to the big guns now using a systemic fungicide/pest treatment and a very expensive spray chemical that could wipe out an entire city if it got into the water supply. Obviously to no avail as leaves are falling off by the hour and the buds, however plenty they are, wither and drop. I despise spider mites almost as much as I despise loud mouthed Republicans. Evil I tell you. Evil.

On a positive note the draperies for the owner suite are supposed to be installed the latter part of the week. As promised I'll take you on a photo tour of the finished project once everything is in its place.

Last night T & I met some friends for dinner. She is a brilliant, beautiful, and brave young woman of 26. He is a sweet, brave, handsome 35 year old weakened from the ravages of the multiple recurrences of Melanoma. It's now in his liver, bone marrow, lungs, and stomach. It's a matter time as Hospice is coming to their house to control his pain. For as long as we've known him he's been fighting this damn disease. He's tried conventional and experimental treatments and it only gets worse for him. After 5 years of doctors and poisons he's decided to let go. His wife has been his rock through the entire disease. She is positive, has accepted a future without him, and continues to love and support him as he is dying. I so admire this girl and her husband. I so dread the "call" when it comes.

Stay out of the sun and out of the damn tanning beds. I spent years sunning & tanning in beds and now I have 15-20 "spots" to have removed and biopsied in the near future. My doctor says it's probably just sun damage but we won't know until I see a specialist later this month. I see my friends and can only be reminded of what the price of that perfect tan can be. The safe alternative is a spray tan which can still appeal to the vanity inside but won't kill you. Unless, perhaps, the booth falls over on you or one of them Bush terrorists jumps out of the ceiling........


tim said...

Happy 15th Anniversary pookie!!!!

Mr. Brian said...

Spider mites are evil. Republicans are evil. Therefore, Spider mites are Republicans.

Go get 'em, Pook!


pests should try bugbing unwanteds!

Sangroncito said...

I can't imagine anything worse than a spider mite except for a Republican! Both should be sprayed early and often.

And as I head for Brazil I'll take your advice about the sun.

cola boy said...

Hope you win the battle of the mites! Thanks for stopping by my blog. :-)

The Dangerous Man said...

2the little bastards are winning2

You are so funny.

As for tanning, I have a friend that goes on for 24 minutes a day and he's been doing it for 15 years. He seems okay, I've only been doing it for 6 months at 15 minutes 3 days a week and seem okay so far.
Sometimes I do get worried, but then I always think "well you only live once"

I'm sure I will learn my lesson one day. But it actually does my skin good, as it dries it out. My days on the sunbed are far from over, but it wont last.

Tomas said...

i used to run a wetland nursery in CO... i had a 30'X100' greenhouse w/a $100,000 contract grow going on... i had a problem w/the little shits... nothing worked until i got the idea and ordered a pint (yes a pint) of live Ladybugs... we had a release party the night they came in.... 2 days later... no more mites...
your friends sound like a brave and loving couple... my best wishes to them both.....

Pookie65 said...

Thanks for all the comments guys!

Jay - just be careful and get a yearly once over from your dermatologist to look for anything weird things (and I'm not talking about hickies or bite marks from your sexy BF either) :-)

Tomas - My dad used to release Ladybugs in his garden. I wonder where I can get them locally... Will check into it for sure.

Brian - I just love the way you end your comments. B&N still hasn't called me but assure me that this was the week. Yeah!

Sang - I'm more worried about you causing an international incident with a hot Brazilian diplomat ;-P

Cola - Awwww thanks for stopping by here too. I'm sure our paths will cross in Blog World many times.

Tim -- You sexy hunk of a man you get in here and show me some love baby!

~NESA~ said...

In a way this is good in that there aren't any surprises and the death process is almost mechanical. The problem is that later on when the emotional aspect hits she will fall completely apart. There are no more doctors...planning...Wills...Legalities to focus on. Just the fact that someone you love very much is gone and what are you supposed to do next.

My major is Medical Anthro. This is a strong piece of why I have mixed feelings about Biomedicine. Things can appear too mechanical predictable. At times this is bennifical at times not. Because reality holds all truth. In the end I believe G'd is the one with the final word. This blog entire was touching. :) I like in general your blog though. Pretty entertaining.