Feels like..Smells like..Must be...FALL

Twas a nice surprise to wake up to cool weather this morning. Even the drizzle of rain (and two little dogs that refuse to go outside for a morning tee-tee) can't stop the wonderful feeling that is in the air today. It actually seems as if this may be the end of summer. Tonight is supposed to be 37! Do I see myself sitting in front of a nice fire this evening? I do believe so.

So I took my pissy self out to a movie yesterday. If you haven't seen A History of Violence yet then hit it quick. The plot and acting were above average and Viggo Mortensen was looking all kinda good. As an unexpected bonus there were two scenes which were H-O-T.

I'm working by myself today and looking forward to it. With the rain it should be relatively quiet and I'll have the chance to catch up on my client files without distraction. And....I'll be able to watch my "stories" (Y&R and B&B) without distraction. Oh yeah, I can actually watch my soaps at work. I love my job.

This morning there was a surprise on the front porch and this time it wasn't another attack on poor Miss Hibiscus. There was a small pumpkin-flashlight thingie (which didn't work but that's beside the point) filled with M&M's and a letter from our "Neighborhood Phantom" asking us to spread the cheer and leave treats & a copy of the letter on 3 other neighbors front porches. While this is probably the most soccer-mom thing I've ever heard of I love it and plan on doing it myself. T had this to say about it, "So we're supposed to buy 3 broken Halloween flashlights to give away?" -- I do believe that's the plan, honey.

I'm outta here folks. I'm off to Target to buy 3 surprises for my neighbors.


Sangroncito said...

It`s fall in the U.S. and spring here in Brazil....I love them both!

doris said...


But rather you than me :-)