After the raging storm comes a calm....

....as to how long it lasts is anyone's guess.

Where I left off: #2 CW (the sweetest, most loyal friend I have in this city) cannot lie. She tells me that her gut instinct is work until the day I get back from my cruise and then quit without notice. And who can blame her? After EX CW was raked over the coals #2 PP turned all their attention to discrediting this girl. The morning of the meeting from Hell I knew something was up when #2 CW was 15 minutes late and hadn't called me. Everyone else was there and we were waiting on her to start. So I called her on my cell (from a bathroom no doubt for privacy!) and she said a major family crisis came up and that there was no way she could be there. Knowing her as I do I knew something bad was going on that and couldn't attend the meeting. This girl does not neglect her duties or obligations. She simply doesn't have it in her. So the second -- and I mean instantly -- I announced to the group that something had come up and #2 CW wouldn't be joining us #2 PP went on a rampage. WTF? This was supposed to be a typical meeting so why would it matter? I could take notes and fill her in. This should have been my first clue.

Back to #2 CW telling me she was going to quit. Honestly I can't and don't blame her for feeling this way. #2 PP has been bashing her every chance she gets and to anyone who will listen. I'm hearing this from not just my office but from other people in the company AND mutual friends of #2 PP and myself. OK, this is just wrong. Anyway, #2 CW and I talk for a long time and ultimately decide to let things cool off and figure out how to get through the next two weeks. We've had countless conversations trying to work out the dynamics of what had happened; how this came about; and WHY #2 PP was being so cruel. (For this weekend we've agreed to not even discuss it because it truly is a bunch of orchestrated BS with an agenda of lies, greed, and a maniacal egoist on a mission.

Fast forward a bit: Thursday, as I've said, was an emotional roller coaster. One minute things are looking up and then another bomb is dropped. Countless calls from #2 PP saying that things are going to work out in one breath.... more criticism of the team and now mainly #2 CW, and endless "I love yous." I thought for sure that I'd be left alone after the office closed. I mean how damn much misery can one person inflict on another? Surely it gets tiring after a while even for a masochist like #2 PP. Guess what? I walk in the door at 5:30 and the cell rings. I don't even have to tell you who it is -- #2 PP and there is a company VP on the phone. Yes, a 3-way call -- just what I needed. This time the bitching is about a complaint #2 PP received from another person in our company. OMG this could be a story in itself as the complainer is...well...I'm not even going there. Suffice it to say that even #2 PP finds this person difficult to deal with and calls a "troubled individual". So we yap (no, I just listen and defend) for a good 20 minutes when #2 PP starts bashing on #2 CW. I immediately say, " WE ARE NOT GOING THERE. DROP IT." and for once #2 PP listens. But the bashing doesn't end it just moves to someone else -- the right hand man of #1 PP who I am going to refer to as RHM. Yep, now there is a whole new victim.

For 10 minutes I hear how "worthless, mean, trouble maker, what an asshole, rude, incompetent" person RHM is. The truth is that RHM can be crude, yells a lot, and can come across as an asshole -- he'll even admit to it! But I see him everyday and incompetent, worthless, or mean he is not. Hell, he makes #2 CW cry sometimes with the cussing & yelling but at the end of the day we all know he has only the best intentions and a good heart. This guy would give a stranger the shirt off his back in a second. Anyway, #2 PP goes on and on about how --- now get this --- they are offended that #1 PP and RHM are trying to discredit me???!!!! "Mainly RHM because he is trying to sabotage your credibility with #1 PP and doesn't like you", then adds, "It could be because you're gay but I think it's because he's jealous. I am going to talk to #1 PP about getting rid of RHM. It's in his best interest." (planting seeds of doubt) WHOA. So now #2 PP has told me another blatant lie --- RHM is the one who insisted that I be placed in charge. AND RHM is not jealous of anyone. Furthermore, RHM is not homophobic. If he has a problem with someone he will damn well get right in your face and tell you. He doesn't sneak around. What you see is what you get. Anyway, I finally tell #2 PP that my dog is about to shit on the floor if I don't let him out and then I am sending them the bill for the cleaner and I hang up.

OK, so a pattern is evolving here: #2 PP is trying to tear apart any alliances and goodwill between me and everyone involved with this project. For almost a week #2 PP has dropped comments that so & so has "sold me out" and so & so "can't be trusted"; "#1 PP has lost faith in my loyalty and dedication; RHM wants me gone BUT #2 PP "is telling me these things because they real, really love me and cherish my friendship." Do ya'll see where this is going?

After I hang up the phone and let the dog out I go back to my study and just sit there. Then I start thinking...doubting....mistrusting EVERYONE left in this project but #2 CW & #3 CW. Maybe #1 PP & RHM really do want me gone? Maybe they really do think I am lazy? This goes on in my head for a good ten minutes. Then I realize that I can't go on like this. I have nothing to lose but a job --- which is starting to look very bleak and I'm considering walking from anyway. So, I decide to do something -- I need to test #1 PP & RHM to see if they are still loyal to me or if they are going to sell me out.

So I call RHM on his cell. I start by saying "I am going out on a limb here and trusting you", immediately RHM raises his voice, "Pookie, dammit, you KNOW YOU CAN TRUST ME. You always have and you always can." He was offended (or was pretending to be offended) that I doubted his loyalty. I continued by telling him that given everything that was going on that I felt he needed to know something. I wanted to warn him that #2 PP was apparently tapering off the attack against my team and that now HE was the target. I didn't go into too much detail - just enough of what #2 PP told me to get a reaction from him. He laughed in typical RHM fashion. "Do you think that I give a shit what #2 PP thinks? #2 PP is crazy as hell and I know it and you know it and #1 PP knows it. Hell, EVERYONE KNOWS IT!." Then he told me to go have 3-4 drinks -- that I needed it. To get some rest and he'd see me in the morning.

OK, the test was in place. Two things were going to happen. He was going to tell #1 PP and they would pass on my "warning" to #2 PP to use as leverage for getting rid of me OR he would tell #1 PP and they would have a laugh about it because they know how #2 PP is. Well, Friday...Saturday..and now Sunday morning has come and went and no call from #2 PP about my calling RHM. Trust me, if #2 PP knew I called RHM and told him about our conversation I would have heard about it by now. Even more so I would have been blasted for telling him.

Now I HATE, HATE, HATE testing people. I find it offensive and cruel. But at this point and given everything that has occurred I had to know. It was the only way I could look #1 PP or RHM in the face and ever trust them again. Now I know. I am respected by them and important to them. And now I know for certain that #2 PP has a big time agenda. I'll share my theory on that in another post and AFTER a few more things transpire.

I knew on Friday that either I was going to be busted for leaking information to RHM and a deeper level of Hell was going to swallow me up or things were going to be a bit smoother. With a deep (and hesitant) sigh of relief I can say it is the latter. Friday began the healing of my immediate wounds so I could prepare for the next battle. I'm leaving town in one week. Our next scheduled meeting was set for the time I was going to be gone. So I call #1 PP (who I feel I can trust again) and ask if we can move the meeting up a week. I really need to be there. #1 PP immediately agrees and tells me he'd already decided to to that. "I want you there. You're too important not to be there" -- I love being showered with love.

So I send out an email to everyone on CW/PP list and say that per #1 PP that we are meeting a week sooner. I reiterated that I was going on a cruise and "didn't want to interfere with anyone's schedule" but felt it important that I be there. The replies start pouring in immediately. All but the reply from #1 PP. Everyone agrees to the new date, everyone is glad to accommodate me, and everyone looks forward to the meeting. THEN I get a reply from #2 PP. At this point I dread and I mean DREAD even checking that email account especially when I see something in the inbox from #2 PP. The reply was short; in all caps; bold; and cc: to everyone on the list: "OF COURSE I CAN BE THERE. I WAS JUST THINKING HOW WE CAN'T HAVE A MEETING WITHOUT YOU. YOU'RE TOO IMPORTANT!" Whew......

THEN, about an hour later I get another reply to the same email from #2 PP without the cc: to everyone but me. "Pookie, there is no way you can miss out on this vacation. You've worked too hard and you NEED this trip. I love you, #2PP"

I've not received an email or call from #2 PP since.

Friday at work was busy but productive. I was by myself in the office and didn't go to lunch, let the dog out (T came home and did it), or even pee the whole day. No lie -- I never even took a pee break. I was there for 9 1/2 hours and it was a wonderful day.

Saturday I worked with #3 CW (now a FT team member since EX CW left) and we had a busy but wonderful day. I asked her if we could spend one hour talking about #2 PP and all the ugliness of the past few weeks and then can we not mention it again. She hugged my neck and agreed. What was interesting is that during that one hour we compared a lot of mental notes. #2 PP had been trying to discredit myself, #2 CW , EX CW, #1 PP, and RHM to her through quick calls and emails. I was only briefly bashed but everyone else was thoroughly raked over the coals. Especially #2 CW. Well, the thing I adore about #3 CW is that she has known #2 PP for years and doesn't believe a word that comes out of their mouth. Then, until I left early, we laughed and had a good time being together.

This drama is far from over but it appears as if the first battle is over. There is a lot of underlying issues that will arise which will ultimately cause #2 PP lots of grief. If #2 PP ever says a negative word about RHM there will be hell to pay. #1 PP and RHM have been close friends & business partners for 20 years and if #1 PP tries to come between that then ....LOL...it is going to be ugly. I just hope and pray that when (and it will) happens I can have a ring side seat. #1 PP is very loyal to RHM and vice versa so no one is going to come between that -- especially #2 PP.

The good things from all this:

* #2 CW and I are closer than ever
* #3 CW and I will be working together much more
* Effective immediately I am going to be working more but will be paid considerably more
* My trust of #1 PP & RHM is even stronger
* Most importantly myself and everyone else are going to see #2 PP for what they really are --- I've seen to that. Without going into detail I've set something in motion that will eventually teach #1 PP a huge lesson. It won't be today but it could be next week or next month. Lets just say that I've given #1 PP just enough proverbial rope to tie a noose. Eventually their greed and manipulative nature is going to cause them to hang themself. As I've said before - Payback can a real bitch and when push comes to shove so can I.

I plan on posting something later today that has nothing to do with this recent nightmare. I've purged my ill feelings through this blog and I am ready to take a baby step forward.

Thanks to everyone who has left a supportive comment, sent an email, or said a prayer. I feel your love and I'm sending it right back to ya. (((((((((((smooches)))))))))))))


doris said...

Gosh. I've read both posts, but towards the end of this last one I wonder if there is a slight typo with you saying #1 instead of #2 or I just can't quite follow!

Whatever, what a crazy situation. Much more than crazy... did you ever hear the true story of the owner of Ratners Jewellers in the UK who stood up at a big event and gave a speech... he recalled how people had asked how they could sell their silver and crystal decanter set so cheap and he said because it was crap. It was one of those completely mad and unbelievable moments when someone shoots themselves in the foot. They are on a journey of no return and just do the impossibly stupid. (That company took an immediate dive after that.) I am not sure what good came as a consequence of those actions but it is the only way to look at it. What a shake-up this is causing and where it might lead to.

However, your #2 PP sounds like she is on a journey of no return.... she sounds psychotic and beyond belief.

Hugs to you all!

Pookie65 said...

Doris, you are awesome (and correct) as always. There was a typo I'd missed. And for anyone who bothers to read all this I don't want #1 PP shed in a bad light.

Today is a new day and it is going to be a great one. My new attitude is the worst thing ANYONE in this world can do to me is to either shoot me or hurt one of my loved ones. IN either even they better kill me.

I'm emerging from this nightmare stronger, more determined, and out to see that the good guys in this world don't get shafted when ever I can help them.

You're the best and I adore ya.