Anti-Brokeback Mountain Reviews found on the web

I've actually decided to create a seperate blog just for the stupid things people say in the name of God or whilst promoting their high moral standards.

Quotes & Quips from the Moral Majority

I'll continue to add the delightful reviews of Brokeback Mountain (and other films) as I find them.


MiKell said...

Now there is an example (examples) of something HRC should be bitching about.

Leave Gene Shalit alone.

Pookie65 said...

It continues to baffle me how people so ignorant and blind to the world around them can function in today's society.

Scotty said...

Good lord that is freakin crazy. I LIKE MY reviews much better! ;)

ella m. said...

I'd just go on a spree reporting them for TOS violations, just because it would absolutely ruin each of these morons' day. They might even get so indignant to leave the forum in which they were posted, doing all of the rest of us a favor.