Brokeback Mountain: My Review on Yahoo Movies

It's not a "gay" film is in fact a "relationship" film. And, judging by the lines out the door and the comments overheard as people were leaving it's bound to become a favorite from people of all walks of life.

The visuals and directing were superb. The plot stayed true to Annie Proulx's short story which is a feat in itself. And, the acting was well above average. In short Brokeback Mountain is an intriguing story about emotional and personal conflict within relationships. Period.

The banal protests and rants from religious extremists and self-anointed moralists should be ignored. This isn't a movie for the closed minded or less-enlightened in the world. If you’re decidedly anti-gay then don't waste your money on seeing the movie because you've already decided that you hate it. And don't bother posting trivial "reviews" when it's obvious you've not seen the film. A smart person can see right through your bigotry and agenda. Save your breath and just stay home and watch "wrasslin" or Pat Robertson on the 700 Club. You’ll be much happier for it.

But if you're of a mentality that allows you to enjoy fine film making and accept that there is a great big diverse world out outside your front door then enjoy Brokeback Mountain as the thought provoking, emotional and touching film that it’s intended to be.

Now that I've posted my truthful review let me elaborate for my friends & readers. T & I went with another couple (straight & married) and the theater was packed. The show started at 7:00 and we were there by 6:30 just in case there would be a crowd. By 6:45 the line was out the door and when we left it was even longer for the nest showing. Yes, there were many gay people but I was thrilled to see that the majority of people in line were either obviously married or coupled heterosexuals. I live in a college town so it wasn't unusual to see a lot of young people but given the amount of obvious straights one it made me feel like there was some hope for this world. That so many young people would choose to spend their money & Friday night watching a serious film as diverse as this one leads me to believe that perhaps the next generation will be more accepting and tolerant than the last.

The comments heard during the movie and afterwards leaving the theater were all positive and cohesive. There were plenty of appropriate laughs, sniffles, sighs and much talk of "winning Oscars". I hope that everyone who sees Brokeback Mountain will have as positive of an experience as I did.

Side note: The fundamentalist Christians and gay bashers are in full force admittingly not seeing the movie but rating it "F" just because they can. If you have a chance please take a moment AFTER you see it and give an HONEST review.


The Dangerous Man said...

I was slightly confused at first, but thats because us Brits refer to the Theatre as a stage performed play, and the movies as the cinema. I was going to go into a speach on how I love the theatre and how the clientelle all seem to be very open minded.
Anyway, the 'thing' you saw seems cool. I too have a gay movie, not a porno, but its a proper movie. I sometimes wonder how such films get the budget to make them, especially in todays climate of homophobia in the US under Bush (or thats how its reported here anyway).

Fightin' Mad Mary said...

Hi Pookie65! Thanks for visiting my blog, come by anytime. I adore your lab.
I tried to see Brokeback Mountain last week and the theater was so packed we couldn't even park (that's great for the movie - but sucked for us!). Your review makes me want to try again, I love a good relationship movie.

Hikaru said...

It definitely is a relationship movie above all else. Prompted me to go get the Story and screenplay combo at the bookstore.

Scotty said...

I reviewed it today on a post and am going to continue all week. We ALSO had lines out the door waiting on tickets! probably only 1/3 was actually gays...I was shocked I tell ya!

cola boy said...

Great review, Pookie! I loved it, too. We are hoping to see it again if it comes to a main stream theater. Can't stand the "art house" theater that is showing it.