Friday comes but once a week and if I'm lucky so do I

Today started with my getting up way too early and then snuggling back into the bed as T was heading out the door for a meeting -- go figure. For about an hour and 1/2 I did one of my favorite things to do in bed --- I watched HGTV. I kid you not when I tell you that I saw the single most horrific design (if you can call it that) I've ever seen. Designer "Cabana Joe" (as if his self-anointed nickname isn't a dead give away that something bad is coming) refers to his style as "Polynesian Country". I call it Polyester(nesian) Crap. It was a nightmarish collection of straw rugs stapled to the ceiling, anything that would sit still long enough to be hot glued & covered with glossy seashells, and a mixture of floral & nautical fabrics that would make a legally blind person scream out in anguish. It wasn't just kitschy, whimsical, or trendy it was truly inherently wrong. This man trying to do to to interior design what Jonathon Antin has done to hair.

After the pain in my head stopped and I could see again I joined T, who had returned from his meeting, and went to the gym. No yoga today I did cardio. I have no feeling in my ass and my legs feel like rubber. Perhaps, I wonder, if this is a good time to revisit some old "moves" with T. He may be a lucky, lucky boy tonight if he plays his cards right (and I drink enough wine).
We are going to see Brokeback Mountain at 7:00 so who knows what the evening has in store....

Well, if anyone remembers (cares) how excited I was a few months back to have found what we thought was going to be the perfect housekeeper I would like you to forget everything I said. Things went down hill. Fast. Miss Perfect went from being prompt, thorough and reliable to being the poster child of irresponsibility. The last time she bothered to show up for an appointment was way before Christmas and that's after I called her to remind her of our appointment. My exact words were "Are you planning to grace us with your presence this week? I've not heard from you in like 2 weeks and I was wondering if you were still alive". She was alive alright -- in spirit maybe -- and she did show up. But I swear I worked harder after she left than had I not paid her to come in the first place. OK, getting to the point I've hired another housekeeper. This time it's a very chic & lovely young women from Russia whose husband is a 2 time Olympic gymnast. She came this morning for the whole "you interview me and I'll interview you" thing and it looks like it's going to be a good match. She's twice as expensive as the last girl but she guarantees being her for 5 hours or she'll drop the rate. As a bonus she even folds clothes and empties the dishwasher! Did I mention that her hubby met her in front of our house to pick up their baby and that he is F-I-N-E? Time will tell and so will I so stay tuned.

After the new housekeeper left I spent a good 30 minutes on the phone with Royal Caribbean trying to iron out some excursions for our trip next month. T is going to be flying about the tops of trees at Loterie Farm from a cable while I'll be taking a Margiot Yacht and Shopping trip. I do not fly from trees, sorry. Give me my Visa card and I can do plenty of damage without having to worry about breaking some bone or the other. I'm hoping that the shopping in St. Thomas & St. Maarten is better than that in Nassau. One straw market is enough for me. I want duty-free Armani & Gucci at rock-bottom prices. Regardless, I know we'll have a great time and I can't wait until we set sail.

I guess that about sums it all up for today. If you've made it this far in the post then I'll wish you a great Friday evening.

Hugs & Cheers!


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Qivan said...

This is one of your best posts, had me laughing out loud and that's hard to do.