Bounce, squeal, bounce, squeal

What kind of parent buys their kids a personal inflatable jump house? The kind that lives directly behind my house. apparently We woke up Christmas morning to see a similar-looking monstrosity leering over the fence and hoped it was a rental. Oh but hell no. I'm afraid this thing is here to stay. It blows up in a few minutes and it stays up ALL DAY LONG. EVERY DAY.

I wonder how long before a kid grows tired of such a thing. A month?


Doris said...

And you don't need planning permission if it is in view of others? So, how about inflatable houses etc..... no planning permission required.

Or, you could play beat the neighbours and get yourself a bigger one to play in .... you know you just want to have a go! ;-)

Brilliant - you are back Pookie. I have often wondered what happened to you and hoped you were OK and not under a bus somewhere! And what an amazing transformation of your life - from all that high powered interior work to teaching kids, although when you last blogged you were about midway on the journey, and who knows where it will go to from here.

Good on you for listening and making those changes. Loads going on in my life too and I too had been resting blogging. But sometimes, it just feels right.

Welcome back Pookie (and your inherently wrong humour!) :-D

Pookie65 said...

So good to hear from you, Doris. I've missed your humor!