Procrastination is like masturbation. At first it feels good, but in the end you're only screwing yourself. ~Author Unknown

I put it off for far too long - a year now, but over the winter break I made the decision to change majors from Psychology/Counseling to Education. While this may seem like a drastic leap from one extreme to another, it really isn't because in either regard I will be helping someone - something I've always longed to do. All it really took was a few advanced courses and several hundred pages of research to show me that I would find little reward in marital counseling or God-forbid career counseling. I far prefer the reward that comes from looking into a students eyes when they "get it" - be it reading or mathematics.

Quite honestly, I have come to accept that I have more patience coaching a six year old to accept learn something new than I ever would with an adult. A child genuinely wants to better them self, while many adults spend their entire lives avoiding change.

All this said, I look forward to Monday morning to getting back into the classroom and seeing my class of 18 kids. I've missed their smiles and their emerging personalities and on some scale I've even missed their fearless attitudes and all of the drama that goes along with first grade. There is never a boring day in elementary school - the same cannot be said for adulthood.


Antoinette said...

I truly would agree with you when you said that it was better to teach kids rather than help an adult to realize change.

I guess it's in a child's nature to accept someone's comments and views it as an opportunity to change for the better, while an adult would see these comments as an insult or would truly open up wounds of pride.

It indeed is difficult to teach old dogs new tricks.

It could be fun though, what if kids ran our countries, I guess it would be lesser stressful and more fun?!

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Brettcajun said...

Are you back to blogging?! WOW!!! Welcome back!!!

Pookie65 said...

Thanks, Brett. It feels right.