Fugly china, pink sharks, over zealous professors. Oh my.

This pisses me off. Call me crazy, but the last time I checked this country was in a recession and we were supposed to be cutting back on frivolities. So why the need for almost half a million dollars worth of butt-ugly china for the White House? Yea, I know it's "donated" by the White House Historical Association but get real, there is a time and place for everything. Blatant excess during a time of national crisis is almost as vulgar as the current occupants them selves. And OMG... the Magnolia-Blossom "every day" china is just plain awful. Has Laura Bush no taste at all and did she even check Macy's Cellar for a far more attractive and much less expensive option? I did and I'm not a president's wife (thank God) - So there.

As the proud owner of almost 2,000 s.f of laminate flooring (I chose laminate over wood because of the dog) I feel it only fair to give props to one of the best new gadgets to hit the market. I introduce the Euro Pro Shark Steam Mop in Gayest Pink. Being a poor, struggling student, this Christmas was all about being practical. That and I have more shit than I know what to do with so I didn't need or want anything to wash, iron, or dust. I was telling T that I saw a commercial for this little beauty and how the lady mopping her wood floors made it look so easy. She was all smiles and giggles and shit as she pumped her steamer and set about the daunting task of cleaning her floors. Well, I am a sucker for cleaning gadgets so I dashed to the local Target to see what the fuss was all about. As soon as I saw it was OK for wood, tile , and laminate floors, I was sold. Let me tell you that this is the single best $79 I have spent in a long time. It is really simple to use and it cleans like nothing I have ever seen. This poor students floors haven't been so shiny since the day they were installed and it's safe for them. I highly recommend the Pink Shark. It works great on laminate as well as porous and smooth tile - and it is perfectly gay in color and design.

My first online class in my new Master's program is officially opened. I got the textbooks last week - saved over $225 by ordering from Amazon thank you very much - and for once had even read ahead for the class. Seeing as I've changed majors from counseling to instructional leadership I had no clue what to expect. So the class opened on Friday and much to my dismay I found out that the professor - who refers to himself as Dr. and "facilitator" which was a clue this was not going to be pretty - I spent literally 3 hours reading and re-reading this guy's version of a syllabus. Let me be the first to congradulate Dr. Facilitator X on his recent Phd , he earned it. But like so many other recent Phd's has has the ego to go with it. Why is it that a tenured professor is typically laid back and tries to make the outline of a course simple, while the adjunct professor, or Dr. Facilitator in this case, has to make everything as difficult to understand as possible? Like I said, I am real proud for you that you have your Phd and your credentials are most impressive, but your bedside manner, if you will, for this class leaves to be desired. Nothing makes sense at all.

There are lecture notes in the first module which pick up in one six weeks later and then direct you back to the original week only to send you to module three for a paragraph. Give me a fucking break already. Just copy/paste all the information and put it in one location. The expectations of the class are equally as ambiguous. Granted proficiency in APA writing is a given - this is grad school afterall - but why the need to inform your students on how proficient you are, Dr. Facilitator X? Just tell your class what is expected and then grade the damn work! K? I've a feeling that this is going to be a very long seven week course.

I suppose this will be all for this update. I've got another chapter to read and then a 2,500 word mini-essay due by 5:00 tomorrow. The story of my life for the past two years - research and write. And why did I want to blog again - because I don't write enough??????

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